I love being a grandma

As many of you know, I love being a grandma!  And I go by the name “Grammy”.

I love my grandchildren in Seattle, but, they are in Seattle.  I was thrilled when I finally became Grandma to a “Iowa” grandbaby 🙂

Charlotte and I have gotten along very well and she doesn’t seem to mind our travels on any given day.

Three weeks ago, we were returning from Thurman with some homemade goodies from Aunt Barbie.  I had unloaded most of the vehicle, but had one more load.  I removed Charlotte from her car seat and we headed out for the last load.  I thought I had carefully arranged my load–Charlotte in one arm and a glass jar of canned Tomatoe Juice in the other.  We turned around to head up the sidewalk to the Murdock home.  The sidewalk attacked me!

Okay, I tripped and knowing I was not going to avoid landing on the ground, I protected Charlotte and ended up breaking my fall with my right arm outstretched.  The impact caused a significant abrasion on my elbow and upper arm and a very significant amount of pain!

Steve and I had just arranged to meet at the Murdock house.  He had not arrived yet, so I was able to sit up with Charlotte and call him to hurry him up.  I didn’t want to get blood on Charlotte, so I sat there and tried to reassure her (she was quite startled and crying) until Steve arrived and could take her.

I was able to get inside and try to clean myself up and assess the damage.  Did I mention I had pain?  Given the time of day and knowing I would need some x-rays, I decided Mercy Hospital ER would be our destination.  Of course, first things first.  Charlotte needed a diaper change (thank you Papa), and it was almost time to feed her again.  Repacked the diaper bag with bottle and loaded up again.

Upon arrival at the hospital, was relieved to see two familiar faces.  Jodi (from church) checked me in and Dee (classmate and friend) did triage.  My ER visit went as well as could be expected.  Had x-rays of wrist, elbow, shoulder, and ribs.  NO apparent broken bones, but did find a piece of glass in the palm of my hand.  Got everything cleaned up, patched up, and prescription for pain medicine to help ease up the pain.  Instructions were to follow up with regular Dr. as needed and what to do if certain symptoms appeared.

I was very happy to get home and try to rest and start the recovery process.  Getting comfortable when your favorite sleeping side hurts, and you have trouble even moving your arm, is no fun….

The first few days I did slow down some, but did try to work my paying jobs that didn’t require lifting or too many quick moves.

After a few days, the scraped up elbow was not looking too good, so had it rechecked by my primary Dr. office and was started on antibiotics for an infection and added Ibuprofen to help with the pain control.  That was a 10 day course and it did the trick.

Unfortunately, the shoulder was not progressing as expected.  Another call to the Dr. office and an MRI was scheduled.  This past Friday, had the MRI and went in to work.  Got a call that afternoon was a surprise–yes, your shoulder has a fracture!  Good news, no Rotator Cuff damage!  Let’s get you scheduled to see an Orthopedist.

Now I’m paranoid because I haven’t protected the shoulder as much as I would think you would with a broken bone.  The appointment wasn’t until Monday.  I read up on the possibilities and decided I could at least use an arm sling we had at the house, which did provide some support and relief from some of the pain.

Made it to the Ortho appointment, had more x-rays, and then determined a game plan.  Continue using the sling for a few more weeks as desired, Ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain, ice as needed, and return for follow up in 1 month.

Really bummed that Charlotte and I can’t hang out without supervision for a while.  She is growing up so fast!

2 thoughts on “I love being a grandma

    1. Got to hang out with Charlotte this afternoon. We had some playtime and then got her to take a quick nap in her big girl crib! That has been quite a feat for the parents during the day. Grammy had a chat with her and she agreed she needed some shut eye 🙂

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